Casino Strategies to Make You a Winner

Casino Strategies to Make You a Winner

Casinos are as popular as they’ve ever been, and everyone dreams of turning a few dollars into riches at the roulette wheel or the poker tables. Odds are, you’re bound to take your seat at the table to try your luck at some point, if you haven’t already. But unless your a card shark, you’re likely to leave the casino with a lot less than you came in with.

Here are a few simple ways to maximize your chances at leaving with a few more dollars in your wallet, or maybe even making that big score.

Avoid Slot Machines

The slots are the popular stop for many would be gamblers. They’re simple, they’re not as intimidating as competing against expert gamblers at the tables, and you don’t need to understand the complexities of games like Roulette or Texas Hold’em.

But the truth is, slots offer you the least chance of actually winning back the money you put into them. If you simply can’t resist, here are some easy ways to enhance your odds.

Casino Strategies to Make You a Winner

Check How Many Symbols The Slot Displays

Slot machines with dozens of symbols increase the possible combinations exponentially, reducing your chances to win to nearly zero. Sticking to slots that have the lowest possible combinations of symbols will increase your odds of winning.

Look For Casino Promotions

Many casinos entice players to the slot machines with free spin promotions, hoping to hook you into staying long after the free spins. Taking advantage of a spin on the house just may bring you a payout, or maybe even a jackpot. Just make sure to walk away when the free spins end.

Other Games To Avoid

There are many other games you should also avoid to improve your chance of winning. Keno, Roulette, Let it Ride and Three-Card Poker all consistently rank among industry experts as games with the lowest odds of payouts for players.

So that’s how not to win. But what game gives you the best odds of putting cash in your pocket. The consensus amongst experts is, hands down, the Blackjack table.

Why Blackjack?

For starters, you’re only playing the dealer. Rather than taking on a table full of sharks, it’s a one-on-one duel with the dealer. Your odds are also better in Blackjack, between 44-48 percent per hand, which is much higher than with most other games. Finally, with a little work, you can understand and apply the basic strategies to increase your odds, without having to become card shark yourself.

Follow these simple approaches to your next visit to the casino. We’re willing to bet you’ll have a much better time.